Yoder and Bodison Reunite in 'Sanvean'

Sanvean Director's Elizabeth Yoder and Paul E. Allan with co-stars Wolfgang Bodison and Syndey Sepulveda.

Sanvean co-stars Wolfgang Bodison and Elizabeth Yoder. While it's their first appearance on screen together, it's their second film as they also collaborated on the award winning 'The Long Wait. They have each received Audience Choice Awards for Best Actor and Best Actress in Sanvean. 

“While Wolfgang directed our first film together, for Sanvean we reversed roles and I directed,” says Yoder. "I'm so thrilled to be working with Wolfgang again. He brings so much depth to all aspects of filmmaking." 

Critically acclaimed 'The Long Wait' was inspired by shared experiences of childhood tragedy, each of them losing their fathers in car accidents. The film garnered many awards including 'Storytelling Achievement Award', the 'Ribaut Award for Best Short Film', the 'Platinum Remi Independent Shorts Award’; 'Best Director' for Bodison and Ms. Yoder won for 'Best Actress' and 'Best Actor'. 

"I was honored when Elizabeth asked me to work on Sanvean," says Bodison. "Sharing the on-screen experience with her in this touching story about healing and redemption was deeply moving."