Critically Acclaimed Dramatic Original Film "The Long Wait" Wins the Platinum Remi Independent Shorts Award at the 48th Annual WorldFest International Festival

The Long Wait Star, Elizabeth Yoder, National Film Critic Nick Nicholson and friend at the 48th Annual International Film Festival

The Platinum Remi Award is the latest in a series of accolades bestowed upon the critically acclaimed short film, The Long Wait, who's original dramatic story is by multi-award winning actor, director Wolfgang Bodison and multi-award winning actor, filmmaker Elizabeth Yoder. Their creative collaboration began after the two discovered they shared the same wound, losing their fathers to car accidents as children.

The Long Wait, a critically acclaimed short film by award-winning filmmakers Wolfgang Bodison (A Few Good Men, ER, CSI: NY/Miami, NCIS) and Elizabeth Yoder (starring as Grace), received the coveted Platinum Remi Award at the 48th annual WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival! 

The WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival distributes the Remi Award, named after western artist Frederic Remington, who captured the unique spirit of Texas in his paintings and sculptures. Since its inception in 1961, WorldFest-Houston has recognized a long list "discovered" cinematic visionaries such as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, David Lynch, Ridley Scott, Oliver Stone, Leslie Linka Glatter, Spike Lee, Randal Kleiser, Ang Lee, Robert Rodriguez, the Coen Brothers, John Lee Hancock and many others from their beginning efforts for film submissions early in their careers. 

“This was a victory on a personal level for both of us,” said Bodison. “The Long Wait was born from deep pain and this recognition is enormously cathartic.” 

The Long Wait is based on real life childhood traumas of Bodison and Yoder, both of whom experienced the sudden death of their fathers at young ages. Bodison and Yoder connect their audiences to the psychological guilt, fear, and shame experienced by the victims and perpetrators of one such incident, effectively capturing each character’s search for healing and inner peace. 

“We set out to create a film that explored revenge, redemption and forgiveness,” said Yoder. “Anyone who’s experienced emotional turmoil of this kind can relate to how helpless, confused, and unjust the world can seem. Our goal was to find meaning and catharsis, not just tell a tale of revenge.”

"I was interested in exploring the idea that sometimes, the pain is not just limited to the victim of loss; that in the case of The Long Wait, the drunk driver responsible for Grace’s pain might also be suffering from an overwhelming feeling of guilt," says Bodison. "How does the healing process begin for both persons involved? Can there be forgiveness? Is revenge justified? It’s a complicated situation, one that I thoroughly enjoyed exploring."

Previously, Wolfgang Bodison received the Jury Choice “Best Director” Award at the Playhouse West Film Festival. For her portrayal as Grace, Elizabeth Yoder has won “Best Actor” at the 8th Annual Beaufort International Film Festival as well as “Best Actress” at the Jersey Shore Shorts Film Festival. Yoder was also nominated for "Best Actress" alongside screen icon Shirley MacLaine, who was also nominated "Best Actress" at the Hill County Film Festival in Fredericksburg, TX. The Long Wait film was awarded the Ribaut Award for “Best Short Film” and the “Storytelling Achievement” award at the Laughlin International Film Festival. 

Bodison and Yoder are building on the film’s critical acclaim, developing it into a feature-length screenplay to generate further momentum for their labor of love.