Elizabeth Yoder co-stars as double agent in DIAMOND

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DIAMOND a high end psychological action thriller. Elizabeth Yoder co-stars with a brilliant mix of talented veterans and some new up and comers working in front and amazing behind the camera crew to bring DIAMOND to the big screen.

The inspiration for DIAMOND is on two different levels-- the public demand is changing in terms of female character driven action films.  Actors such as Angelina Jolie set a precedence years ago with Tomb Raider to Salt, recently Zoe Saldana in Columbiana, and even before them both, Mira Sorvino in The Replacement Killers.  Hollywood might finally be getting it since films such as the reboot of Ghostbusters are now going into pre-production with an all women cast and Marvel has an upcoming reboot of its Thor comic book with the first female Thor. Gender is transcending.   

The second level of inspiration for Diamond comes from what has been going on with women’s rights politically and socially-- America’s good ol’ boy culture has constantly stammered and undermined positive change and progress for women, gays and all minority rights whether it be health or social issues. Hence, comes actor/screenwriter/director Ty Granderson Jones' film Diamond -- an ode to the female action hero. Scripted in what he aspires to be disturbing, dark, poignant, political and provocative and packs it all into one entertaining action thriller.

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