The Long Wait - new website and Twitter

"THE LONG WAIT project came about when Elizabeth Yoder (Grace) and I (Wolfgang Bodison) realized that we shared the same childhood wound; losing our fathers to car accidents when we were both very young. For both of us, working on this project was a chance to explore the complex emotions that have been churning inside us since our worlds were turned upside down so many years ago. Grief and anger: feelings that if not properly addressed, can fester into dysfunction and lead to a life of constant suffering.

I was also interested in exploring the idea that sometimes, the pain is not just limited to the victim of loss; that in the case of THE LONG WAIT, the drunk driver responsible for Grace’s pain, might also be suffering an overwhelming feeling of guilt.

How does the healing process begin for both persons involved? Can there be forgiveness. Is revenge justified? It’s a complicated situation, one that I thoroughly enjoyed exploring while making THE LONG WAIT." - Wolfgang Bodison

While the Award Winning short film THE LONG WAIT garners attention across the festival circuit be sure to watch the trailer at the new web site just launched this month and follow us on twitter.