Elizabeth Yoder wins best actress for 'The Long Wait' at Jersey Shore Shorts Film Festival

Best Actress Award Jersey Shore Shorts Film Festival

The Long Wait, written and directed by multi-award winner Wolfgang Bodison, continues to garnish accolades for star Elizabeth Yoder who was awarded Best Actress at the 2014 Jersey Shore Shorts Film Festival. The award was given for her captivating portrayal of Grace in the original short drama, which was inspired when Bodison and Yoder realized they shared similar tragic childhood wounds; loosing their father's to car accidents when they were both very young. 

For both of them, working on this project was a chance to explore the complex emotions that have been churning inside since our worlds were turned upside down so many years ago. Grief, anger, resentment...: feelings that if not properly addressed, can fester into dysfunction and lead to a life of constant suffering.

This is the latest win in a series of awards for Ms. Yoder, the Director and the film; including Best Actor and the Ribaut Award for Best Short Film at the 8th Annual Beaufort International Film Festival, and Best Director at the 17th Annual Playhouse West Film Festival.

Festival screenings of The Long Wait continue to spark high emotions amongst audiences on the festival circuit. Check The Long Wait's website to stay up to date on future festival screenings.

In addition to Elizabeth's prolific work on stage and screen, she is the Founder of Elevating Hope, a charity that helps the bereaved transition through grief to find acceptance, forgiveness and healing when someone close dies.